Our Supporters

Thanks to these grantors and underwriters for their generous support

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers
Boeing Employees Community Fund
John J. Cahill, Inc., Evanston
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl Foundation
Evanston Community Foundation
First Bank and Trust of Evanston
Food 4Less

J & B Auto Repair, Evanston
Lincolnwood Garden Club of Evanston
Noah's Playground for Everyone
NorthShore Community Bank
Parent Circle
Solutions Associates Consulting
Veolia Environmental Services
Walmart Foundation (Sam's Club, Evanston)

Thanks to these sponsors for their support and donations in kind

Allegra Printing
Anne Heaton, Singer-Songwriter
Bonnie Management
Dengeo's Restaurant, Skokie
Evanston First Liquors
Evanston Parks Foundation
Evanston Signs & Graphics, Inc.
Field's Auto Group, Northfield
Gareth Proctor, Endless Greens
Genie Lemieux, Photographer
Hecky's Barbecue
H & H Printing
HomeMade Pizza Company
Hot Mama
Mark Ingraham, Trgger
Natural Things Flowers
Nature's Perspective
Nimlok Chicago
Office Depot
Office Max
Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.
Panino's Restaurant
Quartet Digital Printing
Sandy Macnab, Alexander Macnab & Co.
Serendipity Band
Susan Weincek, WTMX
Sutton Studios
Village Market Place
Whole Foods South

Thanks to these individual donors

Accelerated Health Systems, LLC
Barbara and Peter Accordino
Margaret A. and William C. Allen
Jennifer Allen-Goldstein
Lisa Altenbernd and Steve Haggerty
Chava Alpert and Michael Bloom
Caroline Anderson and John Foley
Anonymous cashier's check
Lisa Applegate and Michael Van Haelewyn
Patrice and Donald Baker
Olga & John Balch
Trish and Bob Barr
Anne & Chuck Bartling
P. E. and S. L. Bateman
Francis Beidler III and Prudence R. Beidler Foundation
Jane and Florin Berca
Allison Berry
Katherine Best
Bindy and Richard Bitterman
Black Meadow, Inc (Scott B. Wiese)
Caroline and Dan Bleier
Michael Bloom and Chava T. Alpert
John P. Ver Bockel and Katleen E. Carbonara
Barbara Boland
Eleanor and Wayne Boyer
Gabrielle M. and Judson H. Brooks
Katthryn K. Brown
Mary and Vito Brugliara
Nancy and Mitchell Bruski
Roberta H. and John B. Buchanan
George and Mary Ann Buhrfeind
Timothy L. and Vickie L. Burke
Robert E. and Prudence S. Burke
Dorothy Bush
Andrea Bushala and William Springer
Kristine and John Bushnell
A.S., Jr. and Ellen F. Butkus
Gloria Callaci and Lawrence Suffredin
Karen and Kirby Girolami Callam
Sarah and Nisan Chavkin
Jeanne R. Cleveland and Steven James Bernstein
Cognitive Solutions Learning Center
Diana M. Cohen and David B. Spitulnik
Robin R. Lunn and Patricia Connell
Ann M. and Charles W. Connors
Julie Rose Cowan and Neil Good
MayJo & John B. Crosby
Mary Jane Crowe
Thomas Cummins & Ienaas Baagil
Dorothy Dare
Rian Davis and Jeremy Perney
Monte and Lori Dube
Sophia Lilith De La Mar and Brayton Gray
David C DeCoster
Sarah Devincentis
Lisa and Mark Dimberg
Joyce Dolehide
Leah and Elliot Dombroff
Steven G. and Jill B. Dorfman
Monte and Lori Olenick Dube
Shannon E. Fura
Anne Eagleton
Gwen Eagleton
Barbara M. Eckel
Catherine C. and Joshua A. Eckel
Irene Elkin
Stephen B. Engelman
Evanston Community Foundation
Miaw Fan and Jonathan Falkenberg
Jessica T. Feldman
Sarah and Marcelo Ferrer
Erasmo and Margaret Figueroa
Adam Finlayson
Mary M. and Paul J. Finnegan
Dr. Terrance E. and Merle M. Fippinger
Lynn M. Fischer
Allan M. Freiman
Sharon Fura
Peter Giangreco
Ellen Rockwell Galland
The Gerber Foundation
Steven R. Gilford
Consuelo Alonzo-Gillock and Christopher Gillock
Toni Gilpin and Gary Isaac
Dana Glencer
Margaret E. and Robert K. Goertz
Barry M. and Deborah M. Gold
Ari Goldstein
Elyce and Scott Goldstein
Rabbi Jay R. Goldstein
Jordan Goldstein
Julie Rose Cowan and Neil Good
Karen and Jay Goodgold
Brian P. and Patricia L. Gorman
Kimberly M. and James J. Gottschalk
Jacqueline E. Granat
Ruth Griffin
Wendy Griffin
Sandra W. and Eston M. Gross
Mary Ann Grumman
Emily Guthrie
Paul K. Hain and M. Kathleen McDaragh/Hain
Faroll Hamer
Maxine and Jacob Handelman
Max Handelman
Maureen Hanlon
Anjana Hansen
Laura and James Hansen
Kathleen & James Hardgrove
Joyce K. Harris
Lois F. Hauselman
John Luft and Ellen Marie Hayden
Barbara Heaton
J. M. and B. Heaton
Gregg Helfer
Martha Hellander and Lawrence Christiano
Heather Heuman and John Sweeney
Leslie A. and Laura Hirshfield
William Hoffman
Sue Holbert
Virginia Holbert and Christopher Allen
Judith S. Holman
Homemade Pizza Company, LLC
Douglas & Linda Honnold
Hot Mama, Inc
Hillis L. Howe, Jr.
Colleen A. Hubbard
Hyun Kee Min and David L. Heidt
Mark Ingraham
Cliff J. and Elizabeth F. Ireland
Caryn Jacobs and Daniel Cedarbaum
Joanne Kaeding
Angelique and Thor Ketzback
Mardi Klevs and Joseph Feinglass
Anne L. Jacobson and Richard I. Kolsky
Nancy and Michael Kreloff
Susan and Michael Kuhn
Anne L. Jacobson and Richard I. Kolsky
E. and I. Jacobson
Judith J. Jager
C. Thomas and Ann Johnson
Vinson M. and Linda G. Johnson
Michelle Kavoosi and Eric Prezant
Simone Kawalsky-Nabicht
I. Michere Keels
Patrick Keenan-Devlin

Joan and Kevin Kelly
Susan Kennedy
Dr. William D. and Ausrine Kerr, Jr.
Elanor Y. and Michael E. Kitces
Maurice G. and Judith G. Kitces
Kiwanis Foundation of Evanston
Dr. Millicent Knight
Karen Koblik
Laurie Kowal
Susan and Michael Kuhn
Rose Kurland
J. J. and Abby B. Levine
Bonnie and Jay Lytle
Sandy and Judy Macnab
Marcia Mahoney
Beth Lange and William Martin
Milton L. Meigs
Roberta Michaletz
Bruce E. and Barbara Lee Mitchell
Wendy Mohr
Carol Rian Mullins
Martha N. Lannert
Basile and Michael A. Lazarus
Rudolph Lederer
Melissa and Todd Leisia
Richard and Beverly Levy
Kathleen R. Lifton
Ted L. Loda
Andrea C. and Daniel A. London
Margaret and Paul Lurie
Jay and Bonnie Lytle
Ina and Kendall Marlowe
Jean A. Luft and Kevin M. McCaffrey
Sue D. McDonald
Sam McKinley
Rita Mendelsohn
Sheila M. Merry
Joann Meigs
Patricia Mejia
Barbara Meyer
Roberta Michaletz
Lucia T. Miller
Bruce E. and Barbara Lee Mitchell
Marianne and Thomas Moberly
Michael Molinaro
Heather Mooney
Thomas F. and Susan P. Moran
Jennifer Moreno and Christopher Reddick
Lorraine H. Morton
Jacqueline R. Moses
Lucia Mouat
Carol Rian Mullins
Peter and Simone Nabicht
Amy Nathan and Micael Tarpley
Christene O. and Jonathan G. Nieuwsma
North End Mothers' Club
Brian S. and Cyndy B. Novak
Ginny Noyes
Sheila and Julian Oettinger
Lawrence and Inez Okrent
Mary Ann O'Meara Trust
Thomas G. and Catherine F. Omundson
Howard Oppenheimer and Julie Ross
Ellen Orange
Evelyn and Robert Orange
Carol Parcell
Felisha M Parson
David Pendley
Dillon Perlow
Roger and Lee Perlstadt
Jean M. Perry
Kim and Simon Perutz
Meline Pickus
Nicholas T. and Lee Joyce Pinchuk
Barbara Plochman
Ann Ponce
Neal Brady and Tracy Quattrocki
Gordon B. Peters and Page Riggs
Jeanette O. and David W. Peterson
Allan and Meline Pickus Foundation
Lee Pinchuk
Jim and Carly Pomann
Janet and John Pomann
Michelle Kavoosi and Eric Prezant
Colonel (IL) J.N. Pritzker IL.ARNG (Retired)
Lenny Rago
William E. and Gail G. Rattner
Joan G. and George E. Richards
Katherine D. & Jack T. Riley, Jr.
Amy Riseborough
Gay Riseborough
Craig A. and Mimi Muller Roeder
Barbara H. Rosborough
Julie Ross and Howard Oppenheimer
Mary Beth and Neil S. Schaye
Jill M. and Paul Schoenwetter
Amy Schuman and Larry Stoler
Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation
Penny Sebring-Lewis and Charles Lewis
Andrew and Carrie Segall
Andrew Segall via Network for Good
Robert and Maureen Simonelli
Jeffery and Judy Shaffer
L. Kay Shannon
Sandra L. and Thomas G. Sheagren
Joseph P. and Arlene Sherer
Kimberly and Darel Siegel
Jonathan Slater
Michael Slater and Shoshanna Waskow
Ruth Slater
Jonathan Slater
Richard and Margaret Slayton
Carole Small
Elyce Small and Scott Goldstein
Carolyn Smith
Stanton K. and Mary Beth Smith
Rachel and Howard Spiro
Ronna Stamm and Paul Lehman
Victoria L. Stein
Susan and Matthew Struve
John G. and Heather Heuman Sweeney
Karen Swoiskin and Jay S. Goodgold
Michael Takada
Susan Talmage
Shelby and Michael L. Tennant
Elizabeth Tisdahl
Nancy Traver
Mary Adams Trujillo
Kenneth and Sara Vaus
Mary E. and Robert S. Vihon
Russell Wagner
Lewis Walker
Nancy R. and Ronald L. Walker
Shoshana Waskow
Lynn and John Welch
Ray and Mary Anne Wexler
Ton and Leslie Weyrich
Marilyn Williams
Christi and Arthur Wise
Mary Jo and Jeffery Wisniewski
Weiqiang Wu and Meng Li
Melissa A. Wynne
Ann and Jim Zastrow
Rachel Zeller
Sandy and David Zeller
Ellen R. Zemel
Zonta Club of Evanston
Sidney and Rosemary Zwick