Two Grandmothers and a ParkThe 2 Original Grandmothers

Two grandmothers in west Evanston were out walking one sunny, summer morning in 2009 and talking about their darling 4 year old grandsons. They agreed that there was no place to take them to play when the little boys visited the neighborhood, that there was no place for ANY small children there to play out-of-doors, and that something ought to be done about that.  Quickly discovering that the City had no money for parkland acquisition or development, in typical grandma fashion, the two ladies decided to do it themselves! A poster at a neighborhood block party attracted others and soon a committee was formed, non-profit status acquired, and "Grandmother Park" was off and running.

A residential site, where an empty, foreclosed house burned down, has now been purchased and is being held for the park. Grandmas Gay and Mary are working hard to raise the balance of funds needed for development. Though their grandchildren are "too old" now for the park, these two grandmas look very much forward to the building of "Grandmother Park". It will be a gift to the City of Evanston and made a part of the parks system.